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Perfect website backup services. As, the new generation more involve into creation of social media content. Mostly all adults are connected to the online digital world. The growing need of personal blog websites and business website leads to the creation of the solo content platforms. Current, hosting infrastructures are tailored to cater the needs only for the professionals.

remote backup service

Due to the cheap cost of hosting platforms lack the advance features like malware scanning and regular website backups. Some Host offer backup solutions, but their main condition is to keep paying continue renew their plan to receive the advance benefits. Almost 10% of blogging websites are broke during the process of transfer or host change. Website uptime is affected mostly. So, all hosting conditions are suddenly starts affecting the site readers. I know website migration is a painful process.

Ultimate Remote Website Backup Service

Today, I like to write something about a perfect backup solution for my readers. If you think, backups are important for your website. Try Backupsheep one time! If you also feel, it is important to buy a third-party backup service. I just tested their concept and service quality. A perfect remote backup service.

Backupsheep platform is designed to backup almost any website. There service can automate the website backup, database backup and cloud servers as node-by-node basis. Why there service outperform other solutions, because you can add your own cloud storages like google cloud, Microsoft cloud and dropbox etc.

Website backups

Just add your webserver folder directly via FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocol. Really very easy and automatic.

ftp website backup

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • FTPS
  • WordPress plugin

Database backups

mysql postgre mariadb backupAs I tested their database backup service to back up my personal blog on daily basis. Platform is capable to back up the full dump of the database tables on daily basis. My best backup strategy is to take backup of database on daily basis and taking server files backup weekly.

  1. Mysql Backup
  2. Mariadb Backup
  3. PostgreSQL Backups
Cloud server backups

It requires a lot of time to create and setup a cloud server initially and keep running the hosting configuration. Backups are important in the case of server failure. Backupsheep service is already connected to the top cloud hosts.

  • DigitalOcean
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Engine
  • Hetzner
  • Lightsail
  • Oracle
  • OVH Cloud
  • UpCloud
  • Vultr
Add Remote cloud storages.

remote storageFinally, its, your choice to take and store your backups on the any remote storage location. So, at the time of failure you can directly access the backup without renewing host plan. During migration it will also be helpful to restore the site. Backups can help you to save time and money.

  1. AWS S3
  2. BackBlaze B2
  3. Cloudflare R2
  4. DigitalOcean
  5. Dropbox
  6. Exoscale
  7. Filebase
  8. Google Drive
  9. Linode
  10. OneDrive
  11. Oracle
  12. pCloud
  13. Scaleway
  14. UpCloud
  15. Vultr
  16. Wasabi

Schedule cron to take backup

Schedule backups as per your timezone. They provide configrable crontab time schedular to take backups. The ultimate flexible solution for the site owners.

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Regular Backups protect your website against human errors, hardware failure, virus attacks, power failure, and natural disasters. If you buy now, with my link, you will get a 15% off on any plan. So always chose independent website backup solutions for your websites.

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