Kalyani M4 Bulletproof Bombproof Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle For The Army

Kalyani M4 a multi role armored vehicle with many safety features handed over to Indian Army by the Kalyani Group of companies named Bharat Forge. In this article we will discuss some of its features in more details.

kalyani m4 bhatim

It is the modified version of South African based Paramount Group’s Mbombe 6. After conducting extensive trials in Ladakh, Indian Army placed orders for these vehicles.

Kalyani M4 Design

The Kalyani M4 is designed predominantly as an extraction and occupant protection vehicle. Its design offers high speed, quick maneuverability and ease of maintenance. Our Army can operate it in tough terrain or fording rivers. It has a top speed of 140 km/h and has a range of 800 km.

Kalyani M4 Bhatim

Kalyani M4 Price

Bharat Forge announced that they received an order worth Rs 177.95 crore from the Ministry of Defense to build such special vehicles step towards aatma nirdhar Bharat.

kalyany m4

It has ballistic and blast protection from up to 50 kg TNT side blast, or IED or roadside bombs due to its design that is built on a flat-floor monocoque hull. With a thrust speed of 140 km per hour, the vehicle has a payload of 2.3 tonnes.


The entire body is rated at STANAG Level 4a and 4b, which means it can withstand a 50kg blast of TNT from the sides along with fire from a 14.5×114mm machine gun with armor-piercing rounds at 200 meters and 10 kg anti-tank mine-type explosive mass. It also has a V-shaped hull that protects it from underbelly mine and IED blast.

Kalyani M4 Some Features list

The Kalyani M4 is a multi-role platform, designed to meet the specific requirements of armed forces like Tata LAMV, Mahindra ALSV and tata kestrel for quick mobility in rough terrain and in areas affected by mine and improvised explosive devices (IED) threats.

20-inch forged alloy wheels
4×4 system
Extraction and occupant protection vehicle
High speed and quick maneuverability
Maximum payload of 2.3 tones and can carry up to 8 people
M4 weights around 16,000 Kg
Tough terrain or fording rivers
6-pot diesel motor which is rated to deliver 465hp and a 1627 Nm of torque
M4 has top speed of 140 km/h and has a range of 800 km
10 kg TNT charges under the wheels and one 50 kg IED Blast
30 HP/ton

Army is in need of wheeled armored vehicles that can transport troops faster and capable of operating in high altitude regions. It will also be a big boost to Atma nirbhar Bharat under administration of The Modi Ji and Make in India. Kalyani M4 has also tremendous export potential.

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