European Commission Chief Ursula Von Der Leyen will visit India

European Commission Chief Ursula Von Der Leyen will visit India next week for two days visit 24th and 25th April 2022. Currently, she has taken a key role on putting large scale sanctions on Russia. As Russia continues to war with the Ukraine.

EU Secretary Von Der Leyen Important Visit to India

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She was best known for her humanitarian work for the EU countries. She will meet so many Indian leaders to strengthen the Indo-pacific cooperation between countries.

Although her presence attracts discussion on many topics related to fight against climate change biodiversity, energy, digital transition, connectivity, security and defense cooperation. Also, there is a chance of execution of EU-India economic trade agreements, free trade and other investment opportunities and cooperation’s.

Raisina Dialogue, which was started in 2016 plays a key role for this kind of meet up event. The Ministry of External Affairs MEA informed, she will meet Indian PM Shree Narender Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind, Raj Nath and other leaders. EU-India investments and trade in goods and services largely increased in past decade.

During the trip, President Von Der Leyen will visit International Solar Alliance (ISA) and TERI campus, to directly interact with the youths. As climate change is the worldwide big problem, EU and India comes close to cooperate for the Currently, more than 4,500 European companies are already operating in India and have contributed to millions of jobs in the country.

Ursula von der Leyen India

Somehow, this discussion will lead to the urging India to take a stand on Russia Ukraine war but India will continue to be in the neutral stance without taking any sides.

During this discussion, it might also be possible, Chief Ursula Von Der visit to India will also strengthen the relations of both dignitaries.

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