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Amazon cloud drive is a simple solution for backing up all your pictures ranging from holidays to vacation and family birthday parties since it can provide storage space for this purpose. There is unlimited space allocated to Amazon prime members for images but members have to pay up to $11.99 per year for this purpose. Amazon cloud drive doesn’t do more compared to other Online cloud backup storage solutions. For example, it does not offer file syncing or automated backup so you can forget having an on-device access to your files, images and documents.

Amazon Cloud Drive Capabilities

It has only limited sharing capabilities, a desktop app and no collaboration features. Although, if what you are looking for is simply online photo backup solution, Amazon provides a perfect deal but for other features like file- syncing, editing and collaboration, then you will probably check Google Drive or Microsoft One drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive Backup Space

If you also need syncing, unlimited and automated backup, you can consider using IDrive. If you need the new Amazon unlimited storage plan, you can simply access a free three month trial by signing in to your Amazon account and visiting the cloud drive page since a Cloud drive and amazon account are always tied together. It is worth knowing that almost all cloud storage providers offer free space with Microsoft and Google being the best in this case as they offer 15GB for free. Amazon issues unlimited photo storage capacity for just $11.99 and additional 5GB space for videos and other file storage and if you have their prime account, this feature is automatically added in your membership.

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Amazon Cloud Drive Backup Price

Although, these spaces are not meant for syncing but just a one time backup of all your files and documents in the cloud and this process is not a continuous or scheduled one. Amazon removes the restriction on your limits when you increase your annual Amazon Cloud Drive payment to $59.99 by giving you unlimited storage to every type of file.

This price is the same as IDrive's unlimited storage space but IDrive has many valuable features compared to Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon Cloud Drive has Desktop apps on Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile apps on iOS and Android. It is built into fire phones the same way Apple iCloud Drive is built on iPhones. It is also built into

Amazon Cloud Drive Instant video app

Amazon instant video app and Amazon fire TVs making you see your photos on large screens. I once installed the Mac desktop app which I later found not to be useful with the windows app being a replica of it. It allows you to drop files into a particular uploader that copies this file into your Amazon Drive account. If you need to restore this file, it has a button for downloading all the files present in your cloud account. I will advise to use the web app instead of the desktop app since all these features are also present there.

Amazon Cloud Drive Backup Options

I practically uploaded a 166MB video using the Web app and it was very fast. You can create, organize and rename files without bothering about file versioning in the web app since Amazon Cloud Drive doesn't require scheduled backups. It handles manipulation of photos easily and you can view larger images when you hover in thumbnail image so that you can get additional information.

You cannot preview your documents or add note to them and there is no password protection for shared document as a form of extra security. The mobile apps on Android or iOS don't have the uploader tool hence it automatically uploads all the file in your device immediately you put it on.

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